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Wheels of Success Bahraich: On 20th September, 2014, 6 of our girls from Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh, enrolled under the campaign ‘Our Girls Our Pride’ were presented with cycles in a small function held at Shri Ram Prakash Inter College, Payagpur. These girls come from far-flung villages and walk to school every day for more than 10kms. This step has brought further encouragement for our girls and their families who are taking efforts to ensure that their daughters attend school regularly. This program has also seen tremendous support from school principals, teachers, trustees and parents. All the parties were equally happy to felicitate and encourage these girls. Read the Full Story
Our Girls Our Pride 2 fold aim: – Create awareness about the 4 main issues related to India’s girl child: Foeticide, Infanticide, Nutrition and Education – Raise funds to sponsor education for as many girls as possible and make a positive difference in their lives • Our Girls Our Pride is supported by Priyanka Chopra who is the campaign ambassador NDTV is partnering with Pratham, the largest NGO working to provide quality education to the underprivileged children of India to implement this project across India Read the Full Story
MEWSIC CENTRES   Australian cricketer Brett Lee whose fast paced deliveries on the field have left us in awe is now set to touch the lives of the children  in India off the cricket field though his other passion  Music.   17th May 2011 was day of excitement for the whole community as crowds of people gathered to catch a glimpse of the famed cricketer in Govandi as he arrived to launch his foundation MEWSIC. But as Brett put it, the day wasn’t about him, the ‘cricketer’ but the children and bringing the joy of music to them. And true to his word that is how Brett spent his time at the launch. Brett Lee launched his foundation MEWSIC with the inauguration of the Music Centre in partnership with Pratham in Sanjay Nagar. Read the Full Story
Legal Resources see the Legal Resources - Read the Full Story
Education       To make education accessible and available to children from critical backgrounds.
Rehabilitation of children through education.
Strategy to convince the employers that children should not work

Education is one of the key programs in which there are manifold strategies to ensure that children are brought back into the education net. Education is also our non controversial entry point program and final strategy for rehabilitation of working children and other children in need of care and protection.
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Rehabilitation for children
Lack of a proper rehabilitation plan is one of the major challenges faced by National and International agencies. More than only withdrawing children from work, rehabilitation implies providing former child labourers and vulnerable children with proper facilities to maintain them away from work and mainstream them back into the education net.

The objective of our Rehabilitation program is to ensure that vulnerable children and former child labourers not only enjoy their basic rights to childhood but are also given quality education for proper social reintegration.
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Rescue & Repatriation After a few years of collaboration with the owners, PCVC changed its strategy and took the decision to start removing the children from work.

This whole movement started with the cruel death of a child labourer named Afzal in Govandi. This issue was advocated to the political bosses in Maharashtra and thus was formed theState Task Force on child labour in 2005 under the chairmanship of the labour commissioner.
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Awareness and Advocacy While working on the issue of vulnerable children our aim has always been to demonstrate successful programs at the grass root level and through advocacy ensure that the Government replicates these models.

Right from the inception of PCVC, awareness and advocacy have been a major part of our activities. There have been different kinds of awareness programs to reach out to different target groups and stake holders in the community. Media and the civil society have been our vehicles for awareness and advocacy on the issue of working children and vulnerable children.
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Special Events
The Pratham Council for Vulnerable Children (PCVC) has been working for the rights of children across the slum communities in Mumbai since 2001. One of the most glaring observations in these slums has been the low standards of hygiene and sanitation practiced by the government and the residents making them susceptible to all kinds of illnesses and in addition also affects the productivity of the workforce and the development of the children. These appalling conditions that children live in are a violation of their right to a safe and healthy childhood.
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Do You Know

Last year, we rescued nearly 5,000 children from work and also enrolled over 11,000 children in formal schools across India.

Who We Are

The Pratham Council for Vulnerable Children (PCVC) was born in April 2001 to reach out to the most vulnerable, unreached children. The idea was to withdraw them from their exploitative conditions and ensure their proper rehabilitation in family, school and society.


Rajasthan Update...

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Our visit to the beautiful land of Jodhpur was marked by the much awaited monsoon rains. The cooling down of the generally hot weather gave repose to everyone’s minds. It was incredibly rewarding to see our girls dressed in crisp blue school uniforms, polished shoes and colorful hair ribbons marching into their schools. Around 100 girls from various underprivileged urban slum communities in Jodhpur are enrolled in schools under the Pratham Council for Vulnerable Children (PCVC) and NDTV sponsored campaign ‘Our Girls Our Pride.’ We briefly visited Sangariya, Masuriya, Ramdev Basti, Nat Basti and Sansi Basti to see the schools our girls have been enrolled in, meet their teachers and principals and to assess their performance in school.


'Our Girls Our Pride' campaign inauguration across 7 cities in India

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Uttarakhand (Rudraprayag) : On Thursday, 07th August, 2014, the Rudraprayag district witnessed the inauguration celebration of the ‘Our Girls Our Pride’ campaign initiated by Pratham Council for Vulnerable Children in partnership with NDTV-Vedanta foundation. The program saw the participation of 20 girls along with their parents. With the start of the new academic year, the children look forward to learning and being actively involved in all school work. The girls come from across villages in the Augustyamuni block. These vulnerable and deserving children are enrolled in government and private schools nearest to their homes. 71 girls have been enrolled under this program from two blocks in Uttarakhand - Ukhimath & Augustyamani of Rudraprayag District.


June 12: World Day Against Child Labour - A short clip

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