PCVC observed International Labour Day in collaboration with Mumbai Police

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1st May is observed as International Labour Day around the world. This day marks the solidarity of labourers across the globe, celebrating their achievements. The day is significant as it also promotes social justice and protection of human rights of workers.

Keeping true to the spirit of the day, PCVC along with the Police Department in Mumbai, organized a week-long awareness campaign in the city of Mumbai. Through this campaign, meetings and oath-taking ceremonies were conducted with employers to not engage children at work and not take services from children, across all 93 Police Stations in Mumbai.

This campaign, organised in joint collaboration with Mumbai Police, is a positive step in creating awareness and sensitising employers to not engage children in any form of work. The campaign commenced on 29th April, 2017, reached out to more than 2,000 employers from various occupations such as garment, zari, automobile workshops, hotels & eateries, etc. During the meetings conducted, all the employers took an oath to not employ children in their businesses and also to spread the word to their colleagues. The campaign aimed at creating child labour-free businesses and communities in the long-run by sensitizing employers and spreading the message of child protection.