Initiation of Sponsorship Program in Bahraich

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One of PCVC’s core program is prevention of potential child labourers at entry and exit points at both source and receiving states. These children are victims of trafficking and unsafe migration leaving source states such as Uttar Pradesh and Bihar for working in metros like Mumbai, Hyderabad and Jaipur. In order to stop children from entering the labour market, regular tracking and prevention is done at railway station and bus depots of these crucial states and districts. Keeping in mind the pattern of children migrating to metros from the state of Uttar Pradesh for work, PCVC started its intervention here with focus on the district of Bahraich from where maximum movement of children is observed.

At the bus depot in Bahraich, a large number of children are observed leaving the district for other cities for work. Through regular tracking and vigilance at the bus depot and through announcements and working in close coordination with the bus depot authorities, in the last one year, PCVC has been able to stop more than 200 children leaving for work. Post regular follow-up and home visits of these children, 41 children were selected for the sponsorship program. These are children who have sustained at home and have been counselled. They have been enrolled in school and their bank accounts have been opened.

As a motivation to the children and the program at large, a function was held in the presence of Mr. Ajay Deep Singh, District Magistrate, Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh on 19th June, 2017. 12 children were handed over the cheque by the District Magistrate who also interacted with these children. The remaining 29 children will soon be receiving their sponsorship amounts too. This quarterly stipend will help encourage children to sustain in schools and mainstream in the education net. In the next phase, PCVC will cover more children under the sponsorship program. We wish all the children much success and hope to work in coordination with the district administration to bring about a better future for our children.