Campaign in Jaipur

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PCVC conducted a large-scale child labour survey and sticker campaign to identify working children in various shops & establishments. In Jaipur alone, in the first phase of the campaign, 25,000 shops were covered, creating a buzz across the city and spreading awareness among shopkeepers and employers on not employing children for work. In the second phase of the campaign, more areas of the city were covered where 89,000 shops & establishments were reached out to in order to analyse the situation in these areas as well as to cover a larger part of the city. Through the campaign, a total of 625 children were identified working in hotels, eateries, general stores, garages, etc. The aim of the campaign was to create awareness across the cities on the issue of child labour and sensitize consumers and shopkeepers on the implications of employing children. Along with this, the focus was also on appreciating and thanking employers and shopkeepers on not employing children at work.


The first phase of the campaign, was conducted across the states from March to April, 2017 covering 25,000 shops in each city and more than 400,000 shops in Mumbai alone. A total of 610,208 shops were visited during the campaign across the cities. Through the national campaign carried out across these states, a total of 2,648 child labourers in the age-group of 14 years and below were identified at various shops and establishments.

The report has been submitted to various concerned department in Jaipur for further action to be taken to rescue these children and work towards making the city child labour-free. Post the first phase of the campaign across all the states, various Police action was initiated and children rescued from identified shops and establishments.