Awareness drive during Ganesh Chaturthi

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Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated across the country with vigor and enthusiasm. Especially, in Mumbai and Maharashtra, the festivities are celebrated with large crowds gathering at mandals for prayers and receiving blessings. Taking this opportunity, PCVC team conducted a mass awareness across the Ganpati mandals in different parts of the cities to sensitize everyone about the issue of child labour, with focus on domestic child labour.

A child rights protection desk was set up at the entrance of the mandals where PCVC staff gave awareness about the issue and distributed pamphlets and brochures sensitizing everyone gathered. Not only were people made aware but also it acted as a one point contact for people to approach and understand various child protection concerns of children as well register cases. Along with this, banners and standees were also displayed with important messages of child protection, stop child labour, etc.

Important helpline numbers and contacts were also provided so that people are sensitized to take immediate action in case they see a child in distress.

Visitors from all walks of life and all ages gathered to understand what we had to say and also supported in saying that they would not take services from children. The awareness drive also saw the participation of local leaders and corporators to join in the program wherever possible and garner their support.

At many of the mandals, children from our centres had music, dance and drama performances on various social issues to sensitize the crowds. Huge support was also given by the mandal organizers who readily agreed to facilitate the awareness activities in their mandal and promoted the awareness of the issue.

PCVC team did these awareness drives at 137 mandaps across the cities of Mumbai, Nashik, Pimpri, Aurangabad, Thane and Navi Mumbai reaching out to around 16,000 people. We hope that the positive message will help people to further think about the issue and take steps to help our children get a safe and wonderful childhood!