Felicitation of children enrolled in vocational courses

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PCVC has been working with children in conflict with the law since the past five years with the aim of mainstreaming them into various educational programs.

We are very happy to share with you all that today 50 children in conflict with law were felicitated by Mr. Sandeep Karnik (Addl. Commissioner of police Crime, Mr Kishor Bhamre (Director, PCVC) and Mr. Rajesh Thokle (Program Director, Pratham Institute). These children have enrolled into various such as driving, retail, mobile or air conditioner repairing at the training centres.

We have been working with these children since November 2018. In the past one year we have come into contact with 200 plus children and our team has been involved with conducting home visits, counseling of the children and their families and helping them get enrolled into vocational training centers.

delighted to share with everyone that, today was the first day of school for Riddhi and Siddhi. They were beyond excited to wear their new uniforms and meet their classmates. It is a noteworthy day for the PCVC team as well. PCVC came into contact with these girls back in 2013 when they were conceived as conjoined twins. Soon after their birth their family wanted nothing to do with them. The team stepped in at this point and took the girls under their care. From medical treatments, which were borne by the Siddhivinayak Trust,  to bringing them up, all has been done by the PCVC team along with the medical staff at Wadia hospital, Mumbai.

We received positive response and support of the Mumbai police department and look forward to opportunities for collaborating with them in the future.





On 11th April 2019 PCVC facilitated a meeting with all concerned authorities like Child Welfare Committee (CWC), railway police, railways Childlines and NGOs. All the decision-making authorities like the Deputy Labour Commissioner, Deputy Commissionaire of Police (GRP), CWC Chairpersons and NGO representatives were present.