we covered  470,612 children and community members through our various Awareness Activities

Raising awareness on the issue of child labour and child rights by building pressure groups across communities and by working with local and State authorities to create political will:
  • Raising awareness on issues of children and child’s rights
  • Building pressure groups and involving citizens in the fight against child labour
  • Creating political will across Governments through concrete evidences and strategies


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National campaigns

“I want a teacher too…”

Launched on 5th September 2009, this intensive survey was conducted across 10 cities and aimed at estimating the number of out of school children in the age group of 6 to 18 years. The survey was planned and conducted by PCVC teams with the involvement of the civil society groups (university students and other volunteers) and the Government departments. This national campaign is looking at the convergence of all Government agencies responsible for child protection to ensure that immediate and appropriate action can be taken to put these children back to school.

Community awareness campaigns

“Signature Petitions”

2 lakh citizens from all over Mumbai signed our petition to protest against the Maharashtra Government’s Resolution passed on 3rd March 2009 which reduced the age of the working child from 18 to 14 years.

Rallies across all PCVC networks involving children, college students and other members of the society to spread the message of “ Zero Tolerance to Child Labour”

Annual Child Rights Week, Anti-Child Labour Day, Children’s Day, etc.

Besides our regular child rights and RTE awareness sessions in schools and in communities across all 7 States, we also conduct annual activities to raise awareness through street stalls, posters, stickers, press articles, and interactions with local community members in order to sensitize them to the issue of child labour and child rights in general.

Eradicating Domestic Child Labour

In the recent past, more than 8,000 housing societies have given to us in writing that there are no children employed in their housing colonies. We are currently working on entirely eradicating domestic child labour, especially across Mumbai, by continuing to work with several housing societies across the city.