we reached out to 21,066 children through our Prevention Program

Creating and sustaining child labour free communities by involving community members in the fight against child labour:
  • Child Rights Help Desks in located in key child labour prone areas in urban and rural areas
  • Community vigilance groups to prevent inflow of children into the labour market
  • Community Centres to build the capacities of children and community members


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Achieving the objective of a child labour free city not only implies rescuing children from work, but also ensuring that they do not return to work and preventing new children from being forced into child labour.

Platform Prevention program

Setting-up of Help Desks

One key strategy to prevent the entry of children for work is to set up Help Desks in main railway stations. The setting up of Help Desks allows PCVC to establish an accurate database of the children moving in and out of the city and better understand their situations. These Desks also serve as a focal point for building contact with children selling, begging or working on the platforms and helps raise awareness among the hundreds of passengers coming to and from the Terminus.

Collaboration with Railway Authorities

PCVC is also trying to involve the different organizations present at the Terminus (RPF, GRP, hamals, and rickshaw and taxi drivers unions) by conducting orientation programs and training on the issue of child rights.

Community Prevention program

At the community level, the active involvement of community members and grassroots vigilance groups is a key factor of success. The Community Prevention program is designed to create community ownership and eventually hand over the responsibility of eradicating child labour to the community it self.

Community Vigilance Groups are the pillars of our Community Prevention

At the community level, we facilitate formation and replication of community vigilance groups which work in collaboration with Prevention Teams to scout the communities. They help us locate factories where children are working, put pressure on owners to release the children, and ensure that the factories permanently stop employing children. These community vigilance groups generally consist of the PR Officer of the local police station, the local Labour Officer, representatives of Owners Association, members of youth and women’s groups, as well as other NGOs working in the community. Across the various States, different bodies have been more actively involved in setting up these community prevention groups: School Management Committees in Rajasthan, village Panchayats in Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh, Students Action Committees in Andhra Pradesh and Self-Help Groups in Maharashtra.