2018-19, we covered3,847 Disability Casesthough our Special need Program

  • Raising awareness and educating children in schools and in communities about personal hygiene, sanitation, cleanliness, and the environment with the goal of promoting positive behavioural changes

Disability Program

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While working in communities on the issue of child labour we have come across children with various kinds of disabilities, ranging from motor disabilities to cerebral palsy. One of the observations made was that most of the families of these children due to their lower economic and educational background did not have access to and knowledge of rehabilitative services.



Current status of PCVC Disability Programme

Community based Programmes:

1. Pratham Desks in the communities- Inquiries regarding education (disability certification, admissions in school, etc.), health and medical related issues are addressed here.

2. Disability Certifications is a mandate for children to avail of services provided by the government (school admissions, medical schemes and services, material aides).

3. Providing Material aides like Artificial Limbs, Wheelchairs, tricycles, hearing aids, etc

4. Organize School Admissions in MCGM and Private Schools.

5. During our door to door survey in Bainganwadi, we identified 175 children from 25,000 households had some form of disability. In Partnership with IPOD (Institute of Pediatric Orthopedic Disorders) who also diagnosed 37 out of 175 children with a requirement for corrective surgery. We have arranged 4 successful surgeries in collaboration with IPOD.

PCVC along with IPOD will enroll most of these children with the government funded insurance scheme ‘NIRAMAYA’. This is an Insurance scheme with a cover up to Rs.1 lakh, their services range from regular medical check-ups to hospitalization, therapy to corrective Surgery and transportation.

NIOS (National Institute of open schooling.)

1. Registrations are conducted at MCGM and Private schools at 3 levels i.e. A level- 3rd std, B Level -5th std, C Level- 8th std Each Level is valid for 3 years.

2. PCVC team mediates by sharing content between the schools they are registered with. They maintain a curriculum building team and have provided materials for all subjects in these registered schools.

3. Conducting examinations: Schools provide the centers and a Pratham member invigilates the test.

4. Vocational Class in Dharavi- 10 students who are either dropped out from schools or have never attended school, between the ages of 14 to 18, a basic vocational course is conducted by Pratham NIOS team.

5. PCVC conducted Seminars and workshops: Creating awareness via seminars and workshops with the support of experts from the field of Special Education.

-Behavior Management Workshops for parents.








- Sensitivity towards People with Disability workshops conducted by TRINAYANI .




- PCVC Staff were provided a certificate course conducted by New Horizons child development centre, the course helped the staff members working directly in the community to identify children with various disabilities.







- IPOD (Institute of Pediatrics Orthopedic Disorders) is currently providing training to PCVC staff and parents from the community on physiotherapy for children with disability.


An underlying principal of this report is the building of partnerships for disability and rehabilitation efforts. The partners involved in this initiative bring in enormous technical weight ensuring the best quality of services available. PCVC collaborated with a wide variety of institutions who are already involved in disability, rehabilitation and mainstreaming initiatives. A strong interdisciplinary and geographic orientation will thus be reflected, drawing knowledge and experience from a diverse constituency of scholars and practitioners. These include; NHCDC- New Horizons child development Center, IPOD- Institute of Pediatrics Orthopedic Disorders. Additional partners will furthermore be explored.